Friday, 3 August 2012

Thrift Shop Blog Hop Reveal

Well I just did my first ever blog hop ... so be kind lol.

It's Pookledo's thrift shop blog hop - the idea was to go to a thrift/charity store and buy something for £1 (or $1.50 for the US participants), then make something/s.

I actually found this challenge harder than I anticipated - turns out even charity shops are expensive in London ... I went to one and they wanted at least £2.99 for a piece of jewellery, and up to £9.99!! I have to say I was shocked as it wasn't sterling silver, gold or anything precious - just costume/fashion jewellery. After a few more trips I managed to find something more in the budget:

A pair of brand new large hoop earrings and a cute enamelled bird necklace - the bird was named Tweet.

I didn't get a great in-progress picture as I did a bunch of wirework and wire wrapping which I got carried away with and forgot to photograph until I'd finished lol.
But here's a pic of the wirework leaves as I was working on them  =)

(Please excuse the bad picture - it was the early hours lol)

Unfortunately when I was finished with the leaves and put it all together I realised the metals mismatched and with all my monthly jewellery making budget spent (well actually I went over as I wanted in on a magazine competition) - the hoops were more of a bronze/antique gold mix while the bird details and chain were bright gold. So I decided to wrap the hoop in some gold wire to bring the colours closer. 

So anyway, here's what I wound up with after stabbing myself frequently with the wire ... those little loops on the bottom of the hoops were a nightmare to wrap around, and I left the teal coloured drop beads on the hoop as they reminded me of leaves and I thought the colour went nicely with the pink of Tweet:

Oh dear, the pictures didn't turn out very good (it was raining outside so I had to take them indoors), but there you have Tweet's New Perch ... I hope I did okay in my first ever blog hop - I learnt that working on a £1 budget is very hard lol  =)

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