Tuesday, 31 July 2012

A Greater Introduction

I forgot to put in my original introduction how I actually got into jewellery making - it's kind of a funny story ... for my 16th birthday almost as many years ago, my parents said they would buy me something special and there was a beautiful white gold and diamond bracelet I had my eye on but unfortunately I have the skinniest little wrists (6"/15cm total) and my mother joked that it would be a waste of money on me since I'd have to have about £100 worth of links taken out of the £300 bracelet! So I didn't end up getting the bracelet, and over the years I've seen many bracelets and bangles I really liked but every single one dropped off my little twiglet wrists until one day I saw a book with a lovely Swarovski crystal bracelet on the cover so I flicked through it and liked many of the designs. I've always been creatively inclined - I've been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember (my grandad painted also), I've done cross stitch since I was quite young and won contests for my card making over the years, so I bought the book and some supplies and the rest as they say is history  =)

Last year I taught myself how to make things from silver clay and this year I'm learning to improve my wirework/wire wrapping (picture below is my practice piece). I'm hoping that next year I will be able to invest in the tools to start making lampwork beads and focals, at the moment I'm researching how-to books on the subject ... yup I'm a book nerd and proud of it lol  ; )

Unfortunately I'm also one of the most accident-prone people around and power tools are not my friend ... I've had to figure ways to make holes in things like polymer clay and PMC prior to them setting after a few too many trips to the emergency room courtesy of a drill or dremmel lol. Friends and family have already expressed concern over my having anything that has the potential to cause explosions so my foray into lampworking  should be .... interesting  ; )

And now I'm entering the world of blogging - I'm even in my first blog hop (the thrift shop blog hop) which will be revealed on the 4th August ... just have to find an idiots guide to blogs and the internet now lol.

And I'll leave you all today with a funny klutz story ... yesterday I went to the shopping centre and had to park on the top floor of the multi storey car park, returning from the shops I went to get the lift but I hate them at the best of times and they were packed out so there was no way I was getting in one. Instead I figured I'd get the exercise and run up the seven flights of stairs only to trip half way and fall flat on my face ... laughed all the way back to the car and hoped there was no security cameras to catch my epic face plant - and if there was at least I gave some security guy a good giggle lol   xx

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  1. LOL so now I know the story behind the name of your blog :) too funny. My next venture will be silver or copper clay.. I HAVE to learn how to do this. lol Good luck making lampwork beads.. They are soo lovely.. I just wish I could do it.