Monday, 29 October 2012

The not-so-revealing Octoberfest and Solar Flare Blog hops

A big HI to everyone hopping through my little blog from the Octoberfest and Solar Flare Blog Hops ... I'm so sorry I haven't posted my reveals yet - I seem to be having one of those weeks. I've been working on both pieces - I went polymer clay for both and just had to bake the pieces to finish - then suddenly one of my dogs fell ill and I had an unexpected visit to the vets at the beginning of the week (she's fine - it turned out to be the lesser of the two things that could have been wrong ... phew on that front) and I thought 'no worries, I can get the pieces baked up the next day' ... yup fat chance on that one! My poor old mother's been hugging the bog and I've had to play nurse and run errands (just don't tell her I said 'old' lol) but I still foolishly thought I could get them baked up today and only be a day late to the party .... well the oven that's been trying to kill me consistently for the past couple of years has finally decided to give up the ghost this morning, so I am now sans oven until the end of this week. On the upside I get a new oven that doesn't nearly blow up half the block every time I try to light it - still won't improve my cooking but at least I get to keep my eyebrows intact  ;)

So please be sure to stop by again on Sunday when I'll have both reveals posted up ... once again I'm so sorry for being late.

But here's the hop participant list for the Octoberfest Blog Hop:
Our lovely host:  Toltec Jewels  
Heather Otto           
Mischelle Fanucchi   
Marlene Cupo         
Shaiha Williams      
Shelly Graham Turner
Shelly Joyce               
Charlie Jacka
Pam Sears              
Margareta Saari        
Marita Suominen       
Lisa Posthumus         
Jeannie Dukic            
Cheri Reed                
Arlene Dean              
Duffy Blevins             
Susan Kennedy         
Dita Basu                 
Sonya Ann Stille       
Audrey Allen            
Kashmira Patel         
Kathy Lindemer       
Kris Mattingly          
Lennis Carrier          
Shannon Hicks         
Paula Hisel               
Karin Slaton             
Shirley Moore          
Alicia Marinache      
Valeria G. Rome      
Zoe Marcin             
Kimberly Booth       
Sherri Stokey          
Tanya McGuire         
Debbie Rasmussen   
Christine Stonefield   
Tanty Sri Hartani      
Sandra McGriff        
Evelyn Shelby           

Colene Waltermire    
Lee Nova                 

And the hop participant list for the Solar Flare Blog Hop:
Our lovely host on this one:
Gloria Allen:
Shawn Marie Mills
Karin King
Alicia Marinache
Pam "The Crazier Sister Blog: 
Kelly Hosford Patterson
Dana Lang
Mischelle Fanucchi:
Jessica Murray
Cynthia Abner
Charlie Jacka
Shannon Hicks:
Zoe Marcin
Rebecca Sirevaag 
Miranda C. Ackerley
Paula Winchester Hisel
Alenka Obid   

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