Saturday, 27 April 2013

Not So Revealing Bead Soup

Hi everyone, sorry I won't be revealing anything for the BSBP after all - the mail has not been kind to Lana and I ... we think my soup may still be stuck in UK customs.

I've seen pics (drools - oh so much pretties) and have my fingers crossed it will still arrive eventually *send lots of possitive vibes everyone lol*

I have it on pretty good authority that the UK customs has recently axed two thirds of its staff and is extremely backlogged so if you're ordering anything from overseas fellow UK'ers I suggest opting for express or courier service instead, just incase.

Anyways I hope you'll considered popping back in a few days - Ill be giving a sneaky peek of my big Swarovski Glam 2013 contest piece  ;)

Until then, happy hopping!

Lo  =)

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